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Simonsen & Illeris Educational Consultants is an independent enterprise building on a solid research-based grounding, international recognition, extensive practical experience and professional activities and consultancy at all levels.

Both of us have for many years been university professors of education and have specialized in youth and adult learning and the wide and complex field of subjective and objective conditions influencing this area. Special attention is given to the learners’ motivational, social and societal interests and barriers towards learning.

A deeper understanding of the underlying forces and motives is crucial for the development of appropriate educational courses and practice.


Birgitte Simonsen & Knud Illeris

Educational Consultants
Youth and Adult Learning and Education

  • Consultancy and Evaluation
  • Research and Projects
  • Memoranda, Accounts and Reviews 
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Svanholm Allé 2 - 4050 Skibby - Denmark

Phone: +45 47566626
Mobile: +45 20671277

Updated 10.23.2016