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Who are we
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What we offer

Lectures and presentations

We offer lectures, presentations and keynotes on topics of learning and non-learning in theory and practice, youth and adult education, all kinds of youth issues, youth culture and youth problems, learning in working life, project education, school-work transition etc. We are used to adjusting our lectures to different audiences and special needs.

 • How we learn – different types of learning, barriers towards learning.
 • What is special about adults’ learning?
 • The central problems of youth education and training.
 • Youth, individualisation and identity development.
 • Contemporary learning theories.
 • Learning and life age.
 • The learning problems and ambivalences of low-skilled adults.
 • Competence development – why and how?

Courses and seminars

- to be planned in close co-operation with the institutions or organizations involved. We are used to practicing a broad range of varied forms of activity to involve participants and the sort of challenges and problem they are dealing with. We also involve other relevant experts and contributors from our extensive Danish and international network.

- Training and education of youth in an unpredictable society.
- What is learning – and how can I improve my own learning?
- What has been significant for the development of learning theory during the    latest twenty years?
- Dealing with re-education and up-skilling of low-skilled adults.
- What is competence – and can competences be developed?

Articles and chapters

We have a large production of professional contributions in English to journals, handbooks and edited books inside our areas of competence.

- The End of Didactics? Pedagogy in Connection with Adult Education in a   Transforming Society.
- Adult Education between Management and Control.
- New Young People. New Forms of Consciousness. New Educational Methods.
- Project Work in University Studies: Background and Current Issues.
- Young Adult Education.
- The Significance of Educational Strategies.
- Adult Learning and Responsibility.
- Learning, Identity and Self Orientation in Youth.
- Adult Education as Experienced by the Learners.
- Lifelong Learning and the Low-Skilled.
- What do we Actually Mean by Experiential Learning?
- A Model for Learning in Working Life.
- Transformative Learning in the Perspective of a Comprehensive Learning   Theory.
- Learning Changes Through Life.
- Workplace Learning and Learning Theory.
- Towards a Contemporary and Comprehensive Theory of Learning.
- Understanding the Conditions of Adult Learning.
- What is Special about Adult Learning?
- A Comprehensive Understanding of Human Learning.
- Defence and Resistance towards Transformative Learning.
- Adult Education and Mass Education.

Consultancy and edition

We have a broad experience in counseling and supporting educational experiments and developmental activities – and also in editing various professional publications such as yearbooks, special issues of journals, introductions to debate and discussions etc.

- Problems in Youth Education and Training.
- Adult Education in a Transforming Society.
- Adult Education in the Perspective of the Learners.
- Workplace Learning: Scandinavian Perspectives.
- Competence and Competence-Based Education.
- Contemporary Learning Theories.
- Learning and Training of Low-Skilled Adults.


We are used to participation in and direction of national and international research projects – spanning from minor local projects to the co-ordination of several project groups over several years.

- Developing a new model of youth vocational training in Denmark.
- Developing generic skills in the Danish State Adult Vocational Training   System.
- Balancing Competencies in European Youth Training Projects.
- Dual Qualification in European Upper Secondary School Systems.
- The Danish Adult Education Research Project.
- Learning Lab Denmark’s Consortium of Workplace Learning.


We do not have any fixed prices because of the great variety in our activities, but we are ready to negotiate prices when the content and duration of an activity is fixed.


Birgitte Simonsen & Knud Illeris

Educational Consultants
Youth and Adult Learning and Education

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